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Cricket Essay & Paragraph in English | क्रिकेट पर निबंध in English

Introduction on Essay & Paragraph on Cricket

Cricket is the most popular game all over the world. It is played between two teams with eleven players in each team. It is played in an oval shaped field which has a rectangular pitch in the centre.


When Cricket Started?

The game of cricket started in 16th century in England, and was played actively by many people and slowly it became The National game of England.

As the time passed, it became popular in many countries and is played with great enthusiasm. Women’s Cricket started in 1745 in England. It is an outdoor game and needs lots of physical strength and stamina. The whole stadium is packed with audience whenever there is a match and there is lot of enthusiasm and energy among viewers and players.


How Cricket is Played?

It is a bat and ball game, where one team bats and other team bowls and fields, and tries to stops the other team from scoring runs. The team which scores more is declared as winner.

Cricket is played in many forms such as

  • Test Match
  • One Day Match
  • Twenty-Twenty Match

The game of cricket has many fans and thousands of people are interested in the game. It is played in a big stadium, where there is grass pitch in the center where the players play. There three wickets are erected on both sides at a fixed distance.

The bowlers throw the ball and the batsman hits it, if he successfully hits the ball away from the pitch, he can score a run. The other players who do fielding, try to catch the ball and throw it back to the pitch, to stop the batsman from scoring new runs. The test game is generally played in two innings in five days. There are also umpires who give the judgement.

Indian cricket is managed by Board for Control of cricket in India (BCCI), which founded IPL (Indian Premier League), in 2008, represented by eight Indian cities, the matches happen every year in April and may every year.

Many big businessmen, film stars, politicians bid for the players. There are many big brands who have cricketers for endorsements of their brands and sponsors for the matches held.

In 1958, International women’s Cricket Council was formed and was later merged with International Cricket Council (ICC), which is the global governing body of cricket.

There are certain controversies too attached with this game and lot of politics are involved. There were allegations of match fixing and many other controversies attached with the game.

India is crazy for cricket and has produced many good players like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, who is known as “God of Cricket”, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli to name a few. These players have a huge fan following and are adored by many of them.

Whenever there is an Indian Team playing the match, the whole country comes to a standstill and are glued to their television sets, many people spend thousands to go and witness the match in stadium and have a glimpse of their favourite cricketer.

Especially during World Cup, it is called as Cricket Season. Whenever Indian team wins against any of the other country there are huge celebrations held at many places, people burst fire works and celebrate it with great zeal.

Though there are other games, but in India Cricket is “The most popular” and it has surpassed all the other games. Hockey which is national game of India, has less position as compared to cricket.

Indians from various communities have cricket teams even in other countries, which organize championships.


Conclusion on Cricket Essay & Paragraph


Cricket is a religion in India. People literally fight and quarrel with each other for this game. Indians are very much passionate about cricket.

Whenever a match happens between India and Pakistan the whole nation sits in front of the TV and forget everything.

Well, with the development in technology people now have access to watch the game anywhere or at-least keep themselves updated with the scores.

The game is played in schools and colleges too and inter-school and inter-college competitions are held. It is also played passionately during holidays, on streets, picnics anywhere even in classrooms.

Although the game is not easy to excel, but there are many youngsters who like to play the game. It is a very good exercise and many people are keen in playing it.

We can see lots of playgrounds filled with young boys playing cricket and many people stand their watch them play.

Many young people show interest in becoming a cricketer and follow their favourite player. These cricket players are role model for many youngsters and they try to follow them in every sense, people follow them on social media, worship them, maintain journals about them.

Cricket is indeed the favourite game of the country and is worshiped by lakhs of people.

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