Essay & Paragraph on Winter Vacation

Essay & Paragraph on Winter Vacation


While summer vacations are really joyful and fun, winter vacation has it’s own charm, even though it is not as long as summer vacaction. Though the weather is cold, and it isn’t as long as summer vacation, people really look forward for winter vacation with great enthusiasm. For school and college students, winter vacation comes after their half yearly exams or their semesters, so they are eagerly waiting for this break after the hard work and hectic schedule. Winter break is generally for ten to fifteen days depending on the school or college curriculum. At this time the whole atmosphere is filled with festivity and happiness, people are looking forward for Christmas and New Year celebrations and all the places look colorful, as they are decorated for Christmas and welcoming the New year.

People visit many places and travel around at this time, there are lot of deals on travel and on hotels as it is year end and many offices too have break for at-least a week during this time, so parents are also free. Visiting relatives is the most common thing, especially if they are living in southern part of India where there is less cold and weather is pleasant.

Many people host parties at their house on the occasion of Christmas and New Year so there are small get together at almost every house. This is a time to spend with friends and family with all the celebrations around. Many people put up Christmas trees at their house and host parties. They give gifts to each other for Christmas and New Years.

Visiting northern part of India like Shimla, Manali etc has its own fun, although the weather is cold, but its a nice experience going to those places and enjoying the snow fall. There are many activities arranged at those places such as skiing, snowboarding or just playing in the snow is lots of fun too.

Even eastern and western parts of India too look beautiful and nice at this time, so one can plan accordingly and spend their vacation in a relaxing way. There are many hill stations that are very beautiful and pleasant to visit. They have awesome sceneries and it is a great experience to visit such places and experience their culture.

As it isn’t a long vacation one may have to plan according to their schedule and dates on which schools and colleges are being re-opened. For higher grade students many classes are being held at this time as they have to put up lots of efforts and have to take up entrance exams.

For other students too there are assignments and homework’s given and they have to submit it when the schools re-open. So one can plan for a short trip in order to relax and have some family time together. Winter season is also time to enjoy many delicious food items as the weather is cold many delicious items are prepared at home and many fresh vegetables are also available at this time.

Sometimes due to cold weather this vacation is being extended and schools are shut down for few more days, this brings extra enthusiasm to everyone. While it is good to enjoy the vacation and take a break from studies for a week, but one should also remember that after winter vacation, one should start preparing for the upcoming final exams. Even the schools start very strict schedule after the winter break.

So one should not waste much time and study in the meanwhile too. Vacation doesn’t mean wasting time on television or playing games on mobile, one should be active and follow a proper schedule and keep oneself busy with some activities, so that once the schools re-open you are not tired or feeling lazy. Waking up early during winters is difficult but it is a good habit as, it will be helpful after the school re-opens.