Essay & Paragraph on Happiness in English for School Kids & Children | Happiness Essay & Paragraph

Happiness Essay & Paragraph


Everyone in this world want to live happily and happiness has different meanings depending on person to person. If you ask a school kid, he will define happiness in a different way, a young adult will have a different perception, a family man thinks happiness lies in having a loveable family and money, an old man thinks happiness living in peace and having a good health.

So, there is no specific definition or meaning for happiness. It all depends upon the person and age group. Some think that having lot of wealth is being happy, but a wealthy person thinks that he is missing out something in life.

One cannot measure happiness in any way, as nothing in this world is constant. Every human being has his own struggles and his own satisfactions.

If a person is not happy and satisfied in life he becomes cranky and stays unhappy all the time, he tries find out something or the other negative in everything in life, and eventually he becomes unhealthy because of his state of mind.

A toddler is the most happy person in this world, as he doesn’t have any tensions, any stress. He does not have to follow a specific schedule, doesn’t have to rush with time.

But, if you go and ask him, he would say he wants to grow up fast so he can enjoy life in his way. Therefore, every person has his struggles.

In this competitive world we see each and every person running and rushing to achieve something, which is not bad, a human being must have some goals and ambitions, and he must strive to achieve them.

But, in this rush everyone is losing their happiness. People are forgetting many small things to achieve something really special and big in their life.

In earlier times, people had limited things and limited expectations. They were satisfied with what they had and had enough time for each other. They used to spend good time with friends and family and enjoyed their life, but now everyone has become busy, they do not have time for each other and due to this relationships have lost their meaning.

Although one cannot conclude what is happiness and how to achieve it, here are few things on what are the ways to be happy.

First, try to enjoy the present situation, do not cry about your past, what has happened has happened , nobody can change it, at the same time do not think too much about future, everything is destined, if you work hard you will achieve your goal or else you will remain where you are. It’s fine not being perfect.

You cannot excel in everything, learn your specialities and excel them, everyone is not same.

Second, have a positive approach for every situation. Your thoughts reflect a lot on your life, feel good about everything you have and everything will look good to you.

Maintain good relationships, there is nothing wrong in being best among everyone, but do not try to overthink about others and try to compete with them. Do not think everyone is your enemy and they are here to suppress you, give space to others at the same time maintain your self respect.

Last but not the least, nothing is going to remain constant so try to be content with what you have. You may have millions and trillions in your account, but at the need of the day its not you who is going to enjoy every single penny. Some people are very cautious while spending thinking that this can be used later and they do not enjoy anything, but by the time they have everything, they may not be in a position to enjoy as they could have done it in past. Be content and enjoy with what you have, do not leave everything for tomorrow.

At the end stop running for searching happiness everywhere. It’s within you and its in everything you do, be happy with every small things like a small child, at the same time do not forget your goals, stop rushing yourself for everything.

There is an old saying

“Happiness is state of mind”.

Therefore, happiness cannot be found anywhere or in anything, but it is there inside us and we have to bring it out. Having lots of wealth, or having a admission in good college or having good friends are essential for building a secured and happy life, but these are not ultimate happiness.

It comes from within and not from materialistic things. Happiness lies in enjoying every moment of life, with a dedication and determination to accomplish your goals. Hard work never goes in vain, a person who is sincere in his efforts would always succeed in life and achieve happiness he deserved and desired for.

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