Essay & Paragraph on Horse for School Kids & Students in English | Horse Essay & Paragraph

Essay & Paragraph on Horse


Horse is a very friendly and a loving animal. It is loved by all the age groups. It is extremely helpful and useful to the human society. Its sound is neigh.

Like all the big animals, like elephant and camels, horse is also used for carrying loads for long distances. It is also used by the people for going from one place to another, it’s ride is highly enjoyable. Horses are very beautiful and extremely smart creatures.

Their highly bushy tail mesmerises everyone and is a symbol of beauty. Horses have many colours like white, brown, golden, black, burgundy or a mix of any these two colours. It is a tall animal and comes under the mammal category.

It is vey alert and aware of its surroundings. Its majestic and lean body is strong enough to even break a heavy door. Horse is known for its keen and sharp memory and its high intelligence and smartness. It is extremely obedient and faithful to its master, and is a calm animal which loves peace and harmony. Its strong and long limbs helps it in running at a very high speed,  and travelling long distances within a short period of time.

Because of it’s strength and endurance, horses were used in wars during the olden days. Horses were fierce warriors. They are considered as a symbol of royalty because of its fascinating beauty and diligence. God has provided the horses with natural shoes which help them in running and walking on all kinds of uneven surfaces.

Horse is a four-footed, gentle domestic animal. It is found all over the world. Horses are herbivores animal, that is, they feed only on vegetation- grasses, grains and lives in a shed called as  stable. As an animal taking shelter in a human house, they can also feed on pulses, hay etc. They can be tamed easily because of their polite nature.

They are trained for carrying passengers from one place to another. They can cover very long distances in a short span of time. They are also trained for carrying goods, letters from one place to another. It is a very noble animal with high sense of dignity and decency. Unlike a cow, it does not have horns on its head.

It has a very strong and a stout body.  The flowing hair on its back add more points to it’s beauty. Those hair are called mane, just like lion’s hair. Their are also small horses in this world, they are called as ponies.

Horses are very much loyal to their masters, just like Chetak the horse was to King Maharana Pratap Singh. Chetak saved his life. There are spotted horses also available. Horses were only option to travel during olden days, they were used to drag carts with wheels.

Nowadays it is used only in hilly region or forest region. They are not used in the plains because of the advancement in the technology of wheels. Nowadays they are kept in the zoo where people see their activities. This animal is also a part of the circus group, where it shows its talent and entertains the audience. This tells us that it can be trained easily. Horses are an integral part of our ecosystem and should be loved and protected instead of being manipulated for selfish reasons. Their existence is important for human survival.

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