Essay & Paragraph on Sports & Games in India for School Kids & Children

Sports and Games Essay & Paragraph


Sports and games are important for every one as it helps us to be fit and healthy. They are also a way of relaxing from our daily routine activities and a break from daily schedule. Sports and games not only makes us fit, but also helps in your psychological growth, helps in improving concentration, maintaining discipline and motivating us.

They help in maintaining a physique and be active. Sports also help us to improve leadership qualities and team building. They are useful in maintaining relationships and friendships. Sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey etc. are played in teams and by participating in such games people get a team spirit.


Importance of Sports and Games


Getting involved in sports and games is beneficial for a human being in many ways. It gives confidence and strength to do many other activities, it relieves stress and makes you feel active whole day.

Outdoor games like football, badminton etc are essential for physical strength and fitness whereas indoor games like carom, chess, sudoku etc are essential in improving concentration and brain power. Many people feel that playing sports or games will make you feel tired and loose your energy and one cannot concentrate in any other activity, but this perception is completely wrong.

By getting involved in various sports and games a person becomes more active and energetic and can accomplish his activities in a proper way. It also teaches them to work together as a team in an efficient manner and make them cheerful. Getting involved in your favourite sport makes you feel happy and confident and gives you immense pleasure. It eliminates boredom and lethargy from your life.

Sports and games are played in our country since centuries. In old days, there were games like horse riding, cricket, chess and many other which helped them to stay fit and energetic.

As the years passed by, many sports have been introduced by other countries and there are many number of sports played in recent times.

Every school and college should encourage their students to play games and have a mandatory games class in their curriculum. This will not only help kids to have a break from studies, but they will also enjoy it playing together.

Schools should make it a point to have a playground in their campus and all the necessary equipment are available for the students to play their favourite games like football, basketball, badminton, cricket. They should also have some indoor games which would help students build mental power like chess, caroms, table tennis etc.


Conclusion on Sports & Games Essay & Paragraph


The old saying “All work and no play makes John a dull boy” is absolutely true. One cannot always study or work or do the same routine thing daily from morning to evening. It is always a good habit to go out in fresh air especially in the morning time and involve in some games or any physical activities at-least like running or jogging.

This will help us to be active and stay energetic all day long. We always see small kids are full of energy and enthusiasm it is because they play a lot and are not bothered about anything. As they grow, they become busy with studies and become dull and slow. Therefore, playing should become a part of our daily routine.

One should always have sometime for their favourite sport. Even indoor games are also a great stress busters and give you a break from routine.

Of course one should be careful while playing and not hurt oneself, or get involved in some injury or accident as it may be very painful and will take a lot of time to heal. A student should not put all his time in playing, rather one should have a fixed time for playing and later can continue with his work or studies. Too much of playing will exhaust you out of your energy and you cannot do anything but just sleep, this is wrong.

A person should be able to manage his time properly and should ignore his daily activities such as studies or work.

Thus, though sports are important one should always know the limitations and choose the time effectively.


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